Laying Rubber On The Georgia Asphalt, By Kelley Thompson}

Laying Rubber on the Georgia Asphalt, by Kelley Thompson


Russell Crow

The state of Georgia cannot be defined by one of its cities or by a unifying history or even by a globalized present. Its regions are uniquely particular, separated by more than just miles.

Atlanta Metro and North

Atlanta is Georgia hub, and one of the few capitals which can boast that distinction. The Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Site is a beautiful educational facility dedicated to educating the youth of today about the reality of MLKs time as a civil rights activist. With movies, exhibits and Kings Nobel Peace Prize on display, the center is more a sanctuary dedicated to the energy and friction of the time than merely the resting site of a great man. Next door is the historic Ebenezer Baptist Churh, where King co-pastored.

The new Georgia Aquarium opened in November 2005, the gift to the city from Bernie Marcus, one of the cofounders of Home Depot. It holds more than eight million gallons of water, and houses more than 100,000 marine and freshwater animals which represent 500 different species around the world.

One of the great exhibits in the aquarium allows groups to touch stingrays, horseshoe crabs, hammerhead sharks and starfish. All stations feature an on-site expert to guide groups through the experience, and to provide information about the creatures that alleviates much of the fears people may have of interacting with them.

Moving up in latitude, groups will find more mountainous terrain in Northern Georgia, a great spot for enjoying some truly unspoilt landscape. The area is becoming increasingly well-known for its vineyards and wineries. The Nacoochee Village offers a unique setting for wine tasting at Habersham Winery, as well as flyfishing, touring Nora Mill, a working grist mill, antiquing and horseback riding. For a nominal fee that includes a wine tasting coupled with samples of cheeses, fruit and chocolates, you have a perfect afternoon pick-me-up.

The Kangaroo Conservation Center in Dawsonville offers the largest collection of kangaroos outside of Australia and can accommodate groups as large as ninety through its 87 acres. The center has a large variety of native Australian critters besides kangaroos, including kookaburras, wallabies and bettongs.

Historic Georgia and the Antebellum Trail

The Antebellum Trail runs from Athens south to Macon. Athens is home to Americas first garden club in 1891. Groups can visit Founders Memorial Garden, which was created to commemorate the women who formed that club. Its two-and-a-half acres include a formal, picket-fenced boxwood garden, two courtyards, a retrace, a perennial garden, and an arboretum.

The Civil War Reenactment in Old Clinton, also called the town that time forgot, happens every year in May. The Old Clinton Historic District was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1974 to help preserve and restore what was once one of the fastest-growing centers of trade and culture in Georgia.

The Coast

Steeped in the past and described by some as untouched, one Savannah transplant warned, if you do not want to move to Savannah, do not visit. Savannah offers groups an endless sampling of history and beautiful architecture. Walking Magazine named the city one of the top ten walking cities in the United States and 40% of Savannahs 2,500 buildings have some sort of historical or architectural significance.


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Laying Rubber on the Georgia Asphalt, by Kelley Thompson


News briefs:June 30, 2006

The time is 20:00 (UTC) on June 30th, 2006, and this is Audio Wikinews News Briefs.


  • 1 Headlines
    • 1.1 Interior Ministry, Fatah offices in Gaza hit by Israeli airstrikes
    • 1.2 Palestinian PM: Israel aims to topple gov’t
    • 1.3 Portuguese Minister of Foreign Affairs Freitas do Amaral resigns
    • 1.4 French Parliament adopts controversial copyright bill
    • 1.5 Police crackdown on illegal tow operations in Sydney
    • 1.6 Amsterdam to open a “Chocolate Factory”
    • 1.7 Australian shot in Thailand
    • 1.8 Germany master penalties to beat Argentina to semi-final spot
    • 1.9 Ullrich and Sevilla suspended from Tour de France
  • 2 Closing statements


‘Gangnam Style’ becomes most watched YouTube video ever

Sunday, November 25, 2012

The music video for “Gangnam Style”, a song by South Korean artist Psy, has become the most viewed YouTube video of all time. The video, which now has over 816 million views since being uploaded in July, became the most watched after overtaking the music video for “Baby”, a song by Canadian singer Justin Bieber, which was placed on YouTube in 2010.

With approximately 5.4 million likes, “Gangnam Style” is the most liked YouTube video ever, as recognised by Guinness World Records. The video has averaged approximately six million daily views since its upload. Guinness World Records previously said about the video: “In years past it was unthinkable that something would be viewed a hundred million times, and now Gangnam Style has achieved more than twice this figure in just three months on YouTube.” Should its daily view count average rate continue, “Gangnam Style” could potentially pass one billion views by the start of 2013.

“Gangnam Style” satirises consumerist aspects of the Gangnam District of Seoul, the South Korean capital. The music video has influenced numerous parody versions, including one called “Mitt Romney Style”, which was created in the run-up to the 2012 United States presidential election.

Park Jae-Sang, Psy’s actual name, said “Gangnam Style” “never targeted foreign countries. It was for local fans”. He said his intention “was to look uncool” in the music video “until the end. I achieved it.”

The song has reached number one on music charts in about 30 countries. Its popularity has extended as far as US President Barack Obama; and Ban Ki-moon, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, who can be seen performing one of the dance moves to the song in the video above.

Psy has now signed with The Island Def Jam Music Group, a record label representing such acts as Mariah Carey and Justin Bieber.

Al Gore-owned cable news channel to relaunch August 1 with viewer-created content

Monday, April 4, 2005

San Francisco, California — A year after buying the struggling Newsworld International 24-hour U.S. and Canada cable news channel, former U.S. vice president Al Gore and his partner, millionaire Ohio attorney and politician Joel Hyatt, plan to re-launch the channel with a new name, a new concept and a new target audience.

Starting August 1, the channel will be known as Current and will aim its news programming at the 18-34 year old demographic that traditionally does not tune into cable news. “The Internet opened a floodgate for young people whose passions are finally being heard, but TV hasn’t followed suit. Young adults have a powerful voice, but you can’t hear that voice on television … yet,” Gore said in a press release issued from the network’s San Francisco studios.

Gore said the new channel will be partly created by citizen journalists, where viewer-created reports will find their way on air. “We want to transform the television medium itself, giving a national platform to those who are hungry to help create the TV they want to watch. We’re creating a powerful new brand of television that doesn’t treat audiences as merely viewers, but as collaborators,” Gore said in the release. The network posted submission guidelines on its new website which launched Monday.

Gore bought Newsworld International (NWI) from Vivendi Universal last year for $70 million. It was the only TV asset of Vivendi’s not snapped up by NBC in the creation of the NBC Universal media conglomerate. NBC already had two struggling cable news channels of its own. NWI’s current news content is mostly rebroadcasts of news produced by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

Originally, the network was going to be remodled as a liberal counterpart to the popular Fox News Channel, which some critics claim is a conservative-slanted newscast despite the network’s denial that it is “fair and balanced” in its reporting. But after market research, the new owners of NWI decided that a liberal news network was not financially feasible.

Instead, they focused on a youth-skewed news channel under the code name “INdTV” (pronounced “Indy Tee Vee”). The new name, Current, and re-launch date announcement was timed to coincide with the annual National Cable & Telecommunications Association convention, which is being held this week in San Francisco, the same city as Channel’s new headquarters.

Train accident kills three girls in Central Florida

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Three teenage girls were killed in Florida after they were hit by a train while crossing a narrow bridge. The accident occurred Saturday night at around 1830 local time (2330 UTC) in Melbourne, Brevard County. The names of the girls have not been released, as the next of kin are still to be notified.

A boy had walked ahead, and successfully made his way across the bridge. When the other girls began to cross, they had not noticed a train was coming. Melbourne Police Department spokesman Lieutenant Marc Claycomb said “They were unable to get out of the way in time and they were struck by the train.”

Witness John Vallee said he heard the train operated by Florida East Coast Railway make a sudden stop after the incident. He then came the the bridge and made the discovery, and called 9-1-1.

“It’s tragic,” Lieutenant Claycomb said. “There’s no other way to put it.”

Tips For Making Her Halloween Princess Costume Safe Warm And Fun!

As I’m sure most of you parents are aware, typically a disconnect exists between making your children safe on Halloween night and having the most fun on the planet. If you live in the colder climates, for example, you think your young superman or Little Bo Peep should wear a coat to keep warm, but that can ruin the whole effect of the costume for our little ones. Those beautiful glittery shoes are traded in for the more practical sneakers on the big night. What’s fun and magical about that?

If your little girl is planning on dressing up as a princess for Halloween this year, there are many ways to make her both safe as well as happy on that spooky night. You shouldn’t have to choose safety and warmth over fun. All you need to do is take some time in advance planning how to accomplish all of these objectives which will ultimately result in your little princess being the fairest one of them all.

When selecting a tiara or wand for trick-or-treating, you should consider options that light up. Not only do light up accessories make for extra fun for your little princess, but they will improve her safety as well. Now how magical will that wand or tiara be on Halloween night? If you plan on using a light up tiara or wand for trick-or-treating, you might want to consider purchasing a new one and setting it aside until Halloween since you don’t want the battery to run out in the middle of the evening when it’s needed most.

YouTube Preview Image

In perusing the costume catalogs in the mail, you might be attracted to those long gowns that reach the floor. While these dresses are most definitely beautiful in the catalog pictures, try picturing your little girl running through the streets wearing this dress on Halloween. Not only will the dress get filthy, but more importantly, it is very likely that your little princess could stumble in this dress when running from house to house gathering her loot. Don’t be disheartened. Many very lovely princess dresses are available with hem lines that land mid-calf.

As we all know, wearing a coat over a Halloween costume is always frowned upon by our kids. So think ahead and make her costume fitting for the cold weather. If your child plans on wearing her princess costume in a parade or trick-or-treating when the weather is somewhat chilly, we recommend buying a cape or cloak to help keep her warm. These princess cloaks are offered in a variety of colors and styles and you’re sure to find one that matches her attire and meets your girl’s royal expectations. Another option to consider is choosing a princess gown with long sleeves. In most instances she can wear another long sleeve shirt under the costume making it doubly warm.

Her princess ensemble is only complete once she slips into those glitterly shoes. Unfortunately, the majority of princess shoes are not truly appropriate for Halloween. If you are contemplating sparkly princess footwear, just make sure to have her “break in” the shoes prior to the big night, because a princess with blisters is just not fun. Whatever type of shoes she chooses, just make sure that they fit securely on her feet. No slides with a heel because those will just result in a sprained ankle when running from house to house collecting princess treasures. A good dress up shoe option might be ballet slippers since those will surely stay “put.” However, they will not function well if the ground is the least bit damp. You could always choose to lug your princess around in her own carriage. Just transform the household wagon into a beautiful Cinderella carriage with streamers and pretty painted cardboard and voila you have the perfect royal vehicle.

So with just a little for-thought and some imagination, your little girl’s princess costume will be magical on Halloween. Only smiles, warmth, safety and lots of candy of course and her night will be a dream come true.

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Enhancing The List Building Skills And More}

Enhancing The List Building Skills And More


List building has never been a favorite activity for many online business owners, but most marketers realize the importance of this responsibility and perform the tasks that are needed. Increased web site traffic depends on the efforts of the online professional and the resources that are at his/her disposal. Many web site owners outsource list building instead of tackling the chore themselves, but a substantial number of marketers are now embracing the process. In recent years, various software programs and new ideas have entered the internet community with the promise of making the task of list building a simpler endeavor. The latest converts have come to the realization that building an email list is no longer the difficult and dreadful job that many have shunned. These new, bold ideas are rapidly gaining acceptance.

YouTube Preview Image

Online business marketers often buy targeted traffic as a way to generate a sizable list. However, new and innovative ideas are swiftly gaining favor with the marketing community. ebay is generally accepted as being the most popular online auction site and savvy web site owners have begun to tap the list building potential that it possesses. By offering low cost auctions, mostly for a few pennies or even less, a business professional can rapidly expand the email list by offering a service that eventually leads to the main sales site. Additional auction sites like Ubid and Yahoo can offer the same advantages.

Although guaranteed web site traffic doesnt grow on trees and list building is still a necessity, some online marketers have turned to joint ventures. By partnering with a seasoned professional who is noted for massive lists and handsome paydays, you can multiply your business list exponentially. Partners can trade or share lists and this allows each entity to acquire larger lists for future projects. For the novice marketers, a joint venture can help pave the way to success with lists that are currently active and ready to use from the moment the partnership is formed.

Building a healthy list is a recipe for increased web site traffic and most online marketers recognize list building as the number one tool for success on the internet. In this ongoing series, we will feature additional list building techniques.

Thomas Garrison is a charter member of Earners Guild. For more information on list building, visit Earners Guild at, where you’ll find step-by-step video training for anyone interested in starting or growing an online business.

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Enhancing The List Building Skills And More }

Afghan women’s rights official shot dead

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Safia Ahmed-jan, the director of the Afghan Ministry of Women’s Affairs for the Khandahar province and an advocate of women’s rights and a strong critic of the Taliban‘s repression of those rights, was shot dead by unidentified gunmen outside her home in Khandahar city in southern Afghanistan on Monday.

Safia Ama-jan, as she was known locally, is the first woman official to be targeted by the Taliban-led insurgency since it was deposed in 2001.

Safia Ahmed-jan taught at a girls’ school and was a high-school principal in Khandahar prior to the Taliban’s 1996 rise to power in Afghanistan. When the Taliban regime banned education for girls and forbade women from working outside the home, she ran an underground school for girls at her home, said her son Naqibullah, speaking to the Associated Press.

After the Taliban government was overthrown in 2001, Ahmed-jan became the provincial chief for women’s affairs in 2002, when the ministry was established and has since then held that position, worked for women’s rights and particularly, championed the cause of educating girls. Her secretary, Abdullah Khan told Associated Press that among her most successful projects were the vocational training schools she opened in Khandahar, where almost 1000 women were taught baking, tailoring and other skills.

Ahmed-jan has also been fiercely critical of the repression of women during the Taliban rule, in a region that has remained conservative and emerged as a hotbed of the Taliban’s insurgent activity. Her requests for personal security guards and transport went unheeded by the government, according to local media reports, though her nephew, Muhammad Asif told the New York Times that Ahmed-jan preferred to keep a low profile and used a taxi or public transport even though her office maintained cars and drivers.

Ahmed-jan was shot dead outside her house at about 7:30 a.m. local time (UTC+4:30) on Monday, as she left for work in a taxi. The gunmen are believed to have left scene on a motorcycle, and tyre marks have been found by the police, said the provincial governor Asadullah Khaled, who visited the scene of the attack.

Ahmed-jan was shot four times with a pistol, Muhammad Haidar, who worked in her office told the New York Times. Mohammad Nader, the head nurse at Khandahar’s main hospital where Ahmed-jan was taken to, confirmed to the Chicago Tribune that she was shot four times, including once in the head.

She was about 65 years old.

Accounts of the shooting are sketchy, several reports suggesting no one witnessed it. However, one man, identified as Allaudin told Al Jazeera that he saw two men on motorcycles waiting on the road, who attacked Ahmed-jan as she left her house.

A spokesman for the Khandahar governor, Daud Ahmadi confirmed the death and said that Ahmed-jan had died on the spot. An investigation into the attack has begun, and local officials have blamed the Taliban.

Hundreds of men and women, including the Governor Asadullah Khaled were present at Ahmed-jan’s funeral on Monday evening, which took place in Khandahar’s main Shia mosque.

The killing has been strongly condemned by the Afghan President Hamid Karzai as well as aid and human rights organisations in Afghanistan.

Aleem Siddique, a spokesman for the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA), said that UNAMA was “appalled at the senseless murder” of a woman who was working to ensure a full and equal part in the future of Afghanistan for its women. He added, “We share the sentiment of the majority of Afghan people who are appalled at this killing.”

Abdul Quadar Noorzai, head of the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) for the Khandahar region told IRIN News that Ahmed-jan’s death will have a “serious impact on women’s activities in the south where women are already suffering from … the deteriorating security and conservative traditions,”.

Fariba Ahmedi, a woman MP from Khandahar who was present at Ahmed-jan’s funeral told the Associated Press, “The enemy of Afghanistan killed her, but they should know it will not derail women from the path we are on. We will continue on our way,”.

Sonja Bachmann, a U.N. political officer who knew Ahmed-jan well told the New York Times that Ahmed-jan “did a good job, she worked in a very low-key way and worked hard to raise awareness about women’s issues.”

Reuters and Associated Press received phone calls, claiming responsibility for the attacks on behalf of Mullah Sadullah, a regional Taliban commander, but no confirmation of the claim has been possible.

Another caller, who identified himself as Taliban commander Mullah Hayat Khan told Al Jazeera that Ahmed-jan was killed because she worked for the government.

The Taliban-led insurgency has stepped up attacks in recent months, killing hundreds of people this year.

Last week, 19 Afghans working for reconstruction projects in the region were killed after their bus was ambushed. The Governor of Paktia province, a close associate of President Karzai, was killed in a suicide bombing on September 10.

Attacks on schools have also been stepped up. According to the Afghan education ministry, there have been 158 attacks on schools this year, compared to 146 last year. The attacks on schools are believed to be due partly to the Taliban’s opposition to educating girls, as well as a way to undermine the Afghan government and it’s reconstruction efforts.

Twelve suspected militants and two Afghan police officers were reported killed on Monday in separate incidents which also left eight others and a U.S. soldier wounded.

“People are scared, of course,” Ahmad-jan’s co-worker Haidar said, “How can we feel secure when the head of our department is killed in front of her house?”

Conservative Party launches manifesto

Wednesday, April 13, 2005 The Conservative Party of the United Kingdom, Monday, launched its slimline manifesto for the May 5th general election, a twenty-seven page document entitled The British Dream.

The manifesto focuses on five key areas:

Lower tax and value for money: The party plans to make up to £12 billion of savings annually by reducing beurocracy such as quangos. £8 billion will reduce previous deficit, and £4 billion of tax cuts will be made, especially to what have been called “stealth taxes”. The party promised that funding for education, health, transport and international development would not be cut, and spending on police, defence and pensions would be increased.

Flexible childcare and school discipline: The manifesto promised an increase in maternity pay and more choice of childcare. Under a conservative government more independence over expulsions and admissions would be given to school heads and governors. Special schools for disruptive pupils would be created, and more vocational courses would be created for 14-16 year olds.

Better healthcare and cleaner hospitals: A major feature of the coservative campaign has been hospital sourced infections, and in respose the party have promised to introduce ward matrons charged with keeping hospitals clean, with the authority to close wards with MRSA infections. A Conservative government would contribute funding towards operations in private hospitals. Econimic migrants with HIV or TB would not be allowed to live or work in Britain.

Safer communities and more police: A Conservative government would increase police recruitment by 5,000 a year. The manifesto promised to increase prison terms and increase Britain’s prison capacity by 20,000 places. The party would reverse the Labour government’s decision to relax laws prohibiting Canabis use.

Secure borders and controlled immigration: The manifesto proposes a new border police at Britain’s busiest air and sea ports, with 24 hour surveilance. The party would set a quota on economic migrants and reject asylym-seekers who are not vetted by the UNHCR.

Party leader Michael Howard summed up the manifesto: “If you long for cleaner hospitals, more police, school discipline, controlled immigration, lower taxes and accountability – you can vote for it, on 5 May”, accusing prime-minister Tony Blair, who is campaigning for his third term, of letting the country down.

MSN Encarta introduces wiki-like enhancements

April 9, 2005

This article mentions the Wikimedia Foundation, one of its projects, or people related to it. Wikinews is a project of the Wikimedia Foundation.

Microsoft’s Encarta has announced the addition of a blog as well as some wiki-like functionality to the online subscription encyclopedia.

Encarta is welcoming revision suggestions from their users, but they have a disclaimer:

Encarta is different from open-content encyclopedias found elsewhere on the Web that post users’ changes immediately.

When the changes are implemented at Encarta, readers can click an “Edit this article” link to have their contribution reviewed by editors at Microsoft for possible use.

The web enhancement has introduced a minor security glitch for the subscription service. When trying to look up an article on Encarta as a non-subscriber, web surfers receive a teaser page suggesting the user sign up for a subscription [1]. However, using the editor URL for the same article will get a WYSIWYG display of the article requested; a simple way around the subscription requirement [2].

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